Resource Family Reapproval

Resource families must be re-approved every year. You will be notified about starting the Re-approval Process 60 days before your re-approval date. Please complete the following required paperwork and return to the Ready for Life office or e-mail to at your earliest convenience. Once the paperwork has been received, your home study practitioner will contact you to schedule an update interview(s). Print copies of the following are available on request. 

1. Resource Family Approval Health Questionnaire 
         -One to be completed per Resource Parent 

2. Resource Family Satisfaction Survey (Print copy available by request)

3. Financial Worksheet (To be signed by both RPs)

4. Approval Agreement (To be signed by both RPs)

5. Training Plan (To be signed by both RPs)

         -Once complete, your assigned social worker will create a training plan from this assessment

6. Current DMV printout
          -One to be completed per Resource Parent

7. Updated Family Photo

8. 24 training hours (minimum) completed by each resource parent. 
          -8 of these must be approved Ready for Life training hours          
          -To check your current number of hours or to find more training options, click here. 

The above items are mandatory in addition to the minimum training requirement of 24 hours. You will be notified if any further documentation or information is needed regarding your certifications, vehicle information, insurance, etc.

Other Required Documents

-Current CPR/First Aid
-Fingerprints (if you are converting from foster family to resource family)
-Current Vehicle insurance, registration, and tags
-Current Disaster Drill