Meet a Resource Family

We've been fortunate enough to work with some of the most wonderful, caring people. Hear first-hand about their journey from one of our resource families, Josh and Katie.

What made you decide to become a foster parent?

I, Katie, have always had a heart for fostering/adoption starting in my teens. It was just something that was always heavy on my heart and I really wanted to pursue it when the time was right for our family. I had actually always wanted to foster babies just because I love babies! My heart is always drawn to them and I wanted to love on these little ones that needed a safe place. We had begun the process of becoming fost/adopt certified in Nevada as a way to add to our family but then I became pregnant with our third baby so we stopped pursuing it. A few years after moving to Redding and being surrounded by such a great community of foster families in the church we decided it was time to pursue it again as a way of giving back to the community.

How long have you been a foster parent?

We have been foster parents for about 2 years. 

What has been your most rewarding experience as a foster parent?

The adoption of our medically fragile foster baby. We didn't take her in as a fost/adopt placement and truly expected it to be short term. As time went on it became clear that she wasn't going home and that was fine with us because we had fallen in love with her and knew she was "our" baby. We have struggled daily in caring for her but to see her overcome many of her medical problems has been so rewarding! I am so thankful that I didn't fall into the fear of not wanting to foster because I would have to give a child back. If I had, we would have missed God's plan for our family and our little Audrey Ann.

What advice would you have for someone considering foster parenting?

To not be afraid to love. I know it hard to think of giving a child back after you have loved and bonded with them but if you don't put that fear aside you will miss out on some really amazing blessings that fostering brings. Fostering isn't about us and fulfilling our needs, it is about the children and meeting their needs. These kids may never experience someone loving them like you can even if it is just for a few months. The love and safety that you can provide them will be life changing for them!!